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The company has developed a range of document, workflow and digital content management applications, the most important of which are presented below

Document Management System

Integrated document management system providing features for the registration of digital files, multiple versions functioanlity, combined criteria search and digital signatures.

Correspondence Management System

The Correspondence Management System of Archimedia S.A. supports the organisation, coordination, following and life cycle of the documents an institution receives or sends.

University Administration System

Integrated management of the Students' Data, Semester and Course Registration , Certificates, e.t.c.

Inspection & Certification Management System

The system supports the organization of certification processes, as well as the optimal use of the company’s resources.

Meetings Management System

The Meetings Management System is a useful tool for the electronic management of the material produced during the meeting's processes such as: invitation, agenda, MoM, actions list, e.t.c.


Content Management System for the creation and design of web pages.



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