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  Meetings Management System  
Electronic Management of the Agenda structure, Minutes of Meetings (MoM) and Action List

The Meetings Management System is a useful tool for the electronic management of the material produced during the meeting's processes such as: invitation, agenda, MoM, actions list, e.t.c.

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The software, developed by Archimedia S.A., provides the necessary functionality to enable the automation of reporting and distribution processes, management of documents related to a Meeting, such as Agenda, Decisions, MoM and its extract, Action List, e.t.c.

The system includes the following functionalities:

  • Management of the Agenda structure, using predefined topics categories and subcategories

  • Composition of the Agenda, adding items for discussion or mentioning the topic title or selecting documents from the Correspondence Management System

  • Automatic registration of the agenda in the Correspondence Management System

  • Editing MoM and Decisions providing options for text formatting, import of tables, text files from MS Word, e.t.c.
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  • Export of the agenda, the MoM, Minutes and Decision extracts in PDF, HTML or MS Word file, based on predefined templates. The templates are customized according to the Commission (eg. Plenary, e.t.c.)

  • Feature to register participants, import predefined documents in the MoM, and advanced search for meetings, topics, e.t.c.


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