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  Document Management System  
Integrated document management system providing features for the registration of digital files, multiple versions functioanlity, combined criteria search and digital signatures

The document management system supports both the management of digital documents and their metadata. In particular, the offered solution provides a framework for the life cycle management of digital documents in regard to registration, storage, content management, data and metadata indexing, searching, distribution, access and their maintenance.

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The document management functions are part of a set of document management products and processes developed by Archimedia S.A. The document management infrastructure offers quality and functional features to provide a system based entirely on open standards (such as Web, XML and semantic), ensures the integrity of data and secures and authorizes the access to digital content by the users.

At the same time, the workflow infrastructure allows the standardization and automation of the document management procedures (registration and quality control of the distribution).

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All the functionalities mentioned are provided in a Web environment, thus requiring only a Web Browser for the users access. Particular emphasis has been placed on interoperability and open standards issues for both the exchange/view of the data, and access to the system.





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