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  Outsourcing Services & Administrative Support  

Organisation of Meetings

  • Finding and preparation of the meeting room
  • Hardware installation for projection of presentations and recording of the discussions
  • Break organisation (coffee/refreshments/meals)
  • Preparation of the meeting folder/file
  • Dispatch of the invitation and related documents to the members

Keeping Minutes of Meetings (MoMs) / Administrative & Secretarial Support

  • Precise and detailed recording of MoM (recording/transcript and notes keeping)
  • Composition of the MoM draft, distribution for approval by the chairman and the members of the committee
  • Finalisation of the MoM
  • Keeping the Participants List
  • Composition of correspondence in Greek and foreign language
  • Correspondence Log, in which incoming and outgoing documents are registered by serial number
  • Printing and distribution of the MoM and related documents

Recording and Transcript Services

  • Speech recording using professional equipment by a technician
  • Transcription and detailed scripting of the discussions or speeches
  • Text editing on a second listening of the audio file
  • Corrective actions based on the customer's remarks, if any


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