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  Inspection & Certification Management System  
The system is addressed to companies or organisations that provide certification, inspection and audit services

The system supports the organization of certification processes, as well as the optimal use of the company’s resources. In this context, collaborative applications - subsystems are provided for capturing the data required to support the certification and inspection work.

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These subsystems include:

  • Customer Information Management (CRM), concerning the registration of the companies data, which the organisation deals with
  • Management of RFPs Data, which include the offers to prospective and current clients
  • Certification & Audits Process Management, which handles the details of the customer's certification
  • Inspection Management, for recording inspection/auditing data (such as audit team, findings, etc.). This subsystem supports the completion of special forms (depending on the certification standard) and the production of certificates and reports based on templates
  • Auditors’ Data Management, which includes the auditors’ data, such as contact details, expertise in standards, inspection skills, audits history data, training, internal audits, e.t.c.
  • Filters Subsystem, which enables the creation of dynamic queries and reports, combining complex criteria

At the same time, the provided software system is a complete Document Management System providing functionalities such as: importing digital files, searching by combining criteria, digitization, e.t.c., as well as a CRM System supporting business relations with customers.

For more information related to the systmem's functional and technical features click here.



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