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Archimedia S.A. provides a full range of systems development services, from initial planning and design, to development, installation and support. We develop custom software applications adapted to specific customer needs.

The fields in which Archimedia S.A. is active cover Database Services, Web applications, e-Commerce and Distributed Systems.

Archimedia S.A. utilises a balanced mixture of business and Information Technology expertise to thoroughly understand the business requirements, develop and deploy practical technology solutions that help our clients fulfil their core business objectives. Our services include the following:

Evaluation & Planning

Archimedia S.A. can help its clients to develop a detailed understanding of their core business dynamics, which is a critical first step towards IT technology utilisation. The company works closely with its clients to assess current infrastructure and resources and clearly understand both their immediate needs and long-term goals, the competitive, their operating and technical environments. With the business objectives in hand, a strategic plan of action is defined. The success and benefits of the project are assessed and project scope, budget, and a detailed work plan are established and documented.

Business & User Requirements Definition

Archimedia S.A. can clearly and accurately identify business and user requirements and create a solid requirements specification that is independent of the technical system architecture. The company's approach is based on the mapping of business processes (e.g. graphical specification of the business processes and capture of business rules), definition of the system scope (e.g. system boundaries, context diagram, business functions), utilisation of "Use Case" scenarios that examine every possible user path in the system, definition of the data model and the data oriented business rules, and the definition of user interface and objects behaviour and actions (e.g. common user access, user interface business rules, prototypes that validate the specification). The requirements specification also covers important aspects of the system like security, performance and portability requirements (non-functional requirements).

System Analysis & Design

Construction of large IT systems proceeds through the stages of requirements analysis and specification applying, in particular methodologies for improving the reliability of specifications (executable specifications and system prototypes). Archimedia S.A. utilises both structured design (specifically SSADM) and object-oriented methodologies (specifically UML, but OMT and BOOCH notations have also be used in some projects) for its software production lines. Our systems design services include the definition the system (e.g. partition of the system into individual modules and documentation of them, definition and documentation of the interfaces between the individual programs, decisions on and documentation of reused components and third-party libraries, decisions on and documentation of new components and libraries that multiple modules of the system will share), the building of user interface prototypes for those system components that have any user interface and finally design and documentation of the individual modules and interfaces.

Data Modelling & Database Design

Archimedia S.A. works together with their clients in the logical data modelling process, which provides a systematic approach to clearly articulate business rules in a common and consistent manner. Our database experts have the skills to rapidly capture the business rules of an enterprise and to translate them accurately into a logical data model, using Entity/Relationship (E/R) diagramming. Archimedia S.A. has been involved in several database projects and is very experienced in the utilisation of Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase relational databases and their tools, as well as in the usage of various data modelling and database design tools.

Systems Development

Archimedia S.A. addresses each system development project with the combination of methods, tools, and architectures that is optimally suited for the type of engagement in order to deliver the best value-added services to our client. In most cases we follow the waterfall with feedback software life-cycle approach in systems development processes, where each phase has well-defined starting and ending points with clearly identifiable deliverables (e.g. Feasibility Study, Requirements Analysis and Specification, Design and Specification, Coding and Module Testing, Integration and System Testing, Delivery, Maintenance) but phase feedback is also possible for fine tuning. We can design, develop and deploy a complete solution utilising modern application architectures, and several tools and programming languages (e.g. C, C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic, COBOL, Power Builder, Oracle Developer 2000), scripting languages (e.g. Perl, JavaScript, VBScript, VBA, Windows and Unix shell scripting), Web applications languages (e.g. ASP, JSP, XML, CGI) and technologies for distributed systems.

Installation & Integration

Archimedia S.A. systems installation and integration services can reduce the application of technology costs for a client by providing them effective ways to use their current infrastructure and data and to smoothly enable the interoperation with new systems. ARCHIMEDIA S.A. widely supports and promotes the use of open standards in the installed systems, as well as the use of flexible configuration schemes in order to maximise portability for their clients. ARCHIMEDIA S.A. can provide portable solutions to SMEs tailored to their specific needs, as well as migration or improvement plans.

Training Services

Η Archimedia S.A. ensures that after developing and installing an effective IT system, the client's personnel become fully familiar with its operation. ARCHIMEDIA S.A. can provide training services to relevant staff during the scope of system development, as well as educational services in specific areas of its expertise.

Systems Support, Management & Maintenance

Archimedia S.A. provides support, management and maintenance services that are tailored to each client's requirements and ranging from an "as needed" to an "ongoing" basis.

Technology Refreshment and Systems Upgrade

Archimedia S.A. can provide review and analysis of corporate assets and technology within the business processes, in support of current and future business requirements. ARCHIMEDIA S.A. provides technology refreshment services including reviews of existing technology in use, integration of existing and new technology, development of migration plans and tools, and development of IT strategy and long term technology directions for a client.

Customer Support

Archimedia S.A. follows a flexible, client-oriented approach to the delivered services. The company focuses on customer service excellence and offers complete support services to their clients, often resulting in many customers becoming strategic partners in other projects related to their area of expertise.



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